It's that time: we have updated the version of libMesh that MOOSE is relying on so you need to take action. This comes in two steps:

Update MOOSE

To update your copy of MOOSE:

  • If you are using the SVN repository from INL then just go to the trunk directory do svn up
  • If you are using a clone of the official MOOSE repository (idaholab/moose) from GitHub go into your moose directory and run git pull --rebase origin master
  • If you are using a Fork of MOOSE from GitHub then run git pull --rebase upstream devel

Update libMesh

After you have updated MOOSE go into the "moose" directory (if you're not there already) and run:


You can also check our Wiki

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or issues....

What You Get From The Update:

The main thing in this update is enhanced Tecplot support:

  • Tecplot ASCII files now have the proper extension of .dat

  • Binary Tecplot support has been enanced. To enable it you must add --enable-tecplot to the command-line when you run the update_and_rebuild_libmesh.sh script.

  • ASCII Tecplot support has been enhanced to allow appending to the same output file (instead of writing a separate file for each time step). You do this by setting ascii_append = true in a type=Tecplot Outputs block.

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