New MOOSE Output System

The new output system is now in place within MOOSE and will soon be the only output system. The completed new system will be merged in the coming days and the old system disable in MOOSE. However, INL internal applications such as BISON and MARMOT will have the old system enabled so that they may be upgraded individually.

This is a big change affecting every MOOSE application, we appreciate the patience everyone as shown so far, it will be worth it. The new system will provide much more flexibility as we progress.

For additional details on the new system check out the wiki documentation: [Outputs]


  • Some of the links on the wiki page, mainly the links to the Doxygen class information are not yet available, please be patient as we complete the transition.
  • There are a few issues (mainly improvements) that still need to be implemented, but 99% of the old features exist in the new. There are a number of issues that will be implemented shortly if you want to follow the progress: #2618, #2617, #2609, #2591, #2571, #2554, #2518.
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Andrew Slaughter 3 years, 5 months ago

I have an idea for #2617 (and a working prototype object) that will enable output on the linear and nonlinear iterations for every outputter. I should have this done early next week. This will then fix the few skipped tests in modules that require this feature.

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Andrew Slaughter 3 years, 5 months ago

It is now possible output on both the nonlinear and linear for most of the outputters, including Exodus:
type = Exodus
nonlinear_residuals = true
linear_residuals = true

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