We are currently in the process of re-factoring the Executioner class in MOOSE, which will greatly expand upon the "execute_on" options for all systems. We will provide more information about this change soon.

In order to prepare for this upcoming change we are cleaning up the Output syntax to align more closely with other systems in MOOSE. The following is happening:

  1. "output_on" will be replaced with "execute_on" to be consistent with other systems.
  2. The short-cut flags ("output_initial", "output_timestep_end", etc.) are being removed, with the upcoming changes there will be far too many of these flags to maintain.
  3. The initial condition will be output by default.
  4. Linear residual printing on the console will be enabled by default.

The default syntax for applications will remain to be the old syntax; however, you will see a lot of warnings as well as a warning that you are using legacy syntax. We will be updating internal and "registered" applications over the coming days and weeks.

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Andy W 1 year, 7 months ago

These will be welcome changes for me - thanks Andrew,


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help with mba assignment 1 month, 3 weeks ago

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