Several new TimeIntegrators have recently been added to MOOSE, and more are on the way. The list of implicit TimeIntegrators is:

  • CrankNicolson
  • ImplicitEuler
  • BDF2
  • ImplicitMidpoint (new)
  • LStableDirk2 (new)
  • Dirk (deprecated)

while the list of explicit TimeIntegrators available in MOOSE are:

  • ExplicitEuler
  • ExplicitMidpoint (was RungeKutta2)
  • Heun (new)
  • Ralston (new)

To use these TimeIntegrators in MOOSE, you add a TimeIntegrator block to the Executioner section of your input file which specifies the type, for example:

   type = ImplicitMidpoint

The ImplicitMidpoint, LStableDirk2, ExplicitMidpoint, Heun, and Ralston methods achieve higher-order by performing multiple solves within a single timestep, as opposed to e.g. the BDF2 method which requires multiple old timesteps to achieve higher-order. The new methods are therefore more appropriate for use in adaptive timestepping schemes such as DT2Transient, and can be used as the basis of a second-order adaptive timestepping schemes.

More information about the various methods is available on Wikipedia:

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jesse.carter 1 year, 7 months ago

Hey that's great because I like to use DT2Transient.

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UVU 5 months ago

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